Albright & Sievers Skateboards 

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Longboards

                  Designed and Built in California, USA

We create unique custom Longboard Skateboards in Northern California for any age group. We have many styles and designs to choose from. Because we are using real wood, each board has it's own unique look. Although the board shape is cut from a template and shaped by hand, the color and grain of each piece of wood has it's own character. They may look similar, but no two boards are the same.

Our board designs were created by trial and error with several prototype models. Our goal was to design boards with a sleek balance of curves to match the length and width of each model. The stripe patterns were also created with many prototype designs to give each stripping pattern that strong contrast of colors using the natural color and beauty of the wood specie to give the board it's character. Our boards were designed to look and ride great, or even a nice wall hanger. They are definitely a work of art.

We have the ability to make custom boards from a template and stripe pattern. The challenge of creating something new and unique is one of the things we enjoy most.

Our longboards are produced using solid hardwood that has been hand selected from superior grade lumber from around the world. Each piece is selected and laminated to give the best contrast using the natural color of the wood to achieve the true "Oldschool" stripe design without paint or stain. We finish our boards using an environmentally friendly Waterbased UV cured clear finish. The finish is SCS Gold Advantage certified meeting the highest environmental standards, it is very state of the art and cured with UV lights to high temperatures to ensure a hard durable finish.

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